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45+ Fathers Day Messages: Best Happy Father's Day 2016 SMS Messages

Fathers Day Messages

Sharing wonderful Fathers Day Messages as the day is just on the horizon. The International Fathers Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. This special day is dedicated to the relation of child and Dad. Sending cute messages and wishes is the best way to show your appreciation to your Dad. Father is the best man in the world for his kids. He is the most reliable and helping person for them. This modern day celebration brings a chance for all kids to wish their ideal person. Father has provided us hundreds of things. He goes through hard work for many long years for the prosperity of his family. He is also a guide and teacher for his kids. Our messages truly reflect emotions a child feel for his dad.

No matter whether your Dad is near to you or away. Send these loving Fathers Day Messages to him by SMS or status message. You must have planned to send a greeting card or gift to your Dad. But a loving cute message will add a personalized touch. A message with your gift and greeting card will bring tons of smiles to your Dad. Besides this bunch, we have also shared Dad Quotes, Fathers Day Images, and Pictures. Nothing will wish a Happy Fathers Day to your Dad better than these expressive Fathers Day Messages and SMS. A nice collection of father's day quotes 2016 has been shared with the readers already.

Father and Son Quotes and Messages 

Send these lovely father's day messages to your Dad and thank him for all his hard work and care of years:

You are that great man who Spares his life, hides his feelings, Accepts every challenge, takes all struggles in his stride And finds happiness in well-being of family and kids 

Dearest Dad, Lovely wishes to you for Fathers Day! Though I have never thanked you for whatever you have done for me, my heart thanked you every time you did something cute for me. You are my ideal man and the best Father in the world. My desire is to follow your footsteps and always be as confident and strong as you. 

Thank you Dear Dad for guiding me for doing all the best things in the best ways. Thanks for taking thousands of pains and hardships for fulfilling my every wish. Your values and your honesty are keeping me up always! Happy Fathers Day Wishes! 
fathers day messages

This Fathers Day Card is simple but cute. It is filled with all gratitude and respect my heart carries for you. It contains the lines that truly shows how much you mean to me. Thanks for teaching me to remain a humble person with all achievements and success. Happy Fathers Day Greetings to my Dad!

Let us wish and praise the man who never showed what delicate feelings he holds in his heart. He remains strong so that others do not feel weak. He always stood straight to give rest to others. Happy Fathers Day to all Dads! 

Dad you are so valuable but humble. My heart and lips wishes you a joyful and fun-filled day today. May you get all the best things as you have wished for our family. 
fathers day messages 2016

We give you tons of thanks and love today! All praises to you for being always true to yourself and showing us right path to follow. Thank for fulfilling all our wishes and caring for all small and big needs. Lots of Wishes for Fathers Day 2016! 
Do you like our collection of father's day messages? Would you like to get more father's day 2016 messages and SMS so you can share it with your father? 

Happy Fathers Day Messages from Daughters and Sons 

We welcome all daughters and sons to pick the loving father's day messages 2016 especially penned for Fathers Day 2016. The messages are beautiful lines to express your feelings and thanks to your Dad. Do pick the one you like and write in your Fathers day greetings and Fathers Day Message:

Dad you are the shining sun in our sky. You kept all of us going and living wonderfully. You never let us live without all the comforts of life. You cared for us and worked for us timelessly! 

This day is a unique celebration of the lovely relation I share with you. Though times have changed many things as I grew up, you share a special place in my heart. Your teachings, your blessings and wisdom is keeping my life safe and sound! Lots of wishes for today! 

Dad as I am growing up, now I know why you always wanted me to do the things by myself. Now I know why you made me so strong to stand up myself when I fell. You taught me to look ahead and walk with all strength and confidence. Thank you Dad for all beautiful values will inspire me till I live! Happy Fathers Day Greetings! 
happy fathers day messages 2016

messages for fathers day

I never cared to say. I never thought I should say it. But this lovely day comes and here and I can’t help myself saying that I Love You a lot Dad. And you are the number one in my life! Thanks for everything. 

Dad you always spoke less but you were always setting an example by doing things in the best and honest ways. Our life is wonderful because we followed your footsteps. Your years’ long hardships and toil have worked miracles for us. Your unspoken love is our biggest strength in life! Love and wishes for Happy Fathers Day 2016! 

Fathers Day is few days away. Get ready with best gifts, cards or messages to wish your dear Dad. He is your king from your childhood days and it’s time to show your love and respect to him. He has worked day and night for your family and your happiness. This day is a celebration of showing respect and appreciating all Dads in the world. Make sure you share these lovely father's day messages with him. Also feel free to share these on social media platforms. We are very sure you are happy with the touching Fathers Day Messages this post shares here. If you are looking for short Dad Quotes, refer to our post on Fathers Day Quotes. Our messages and wishes will add a life to your gifts, greetings cards, and wishes.

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100+ Fathers Day Greetings & Messages for Father's Day 2016

Latest Fathers Day Greetings & Cards

Make your dad feel special by sending unique Fathers Day Greetings and Cards! Send enticing images as Fathers Day cards and make his day memorable. 8th of May 2016 brings a very special day for all children. Ways of sending greetings, cards and wishes have gone through a great change but not the spirit behind it. Since all dear sons and daughters will be searching for best wording for their dad, we have shared this prodigious collection of Fathers Day greetings, wishes and messages. With our site at your finger’s click, you will not have to look anywhere for cards, pictures, quotes and messages to make this day special.

Relations are so dear to everyone’s heart. And especially when the day is celebrating the first relation of everyone’s life, joy of celebration and wishing is boundless. Visit us to make this day memorable for your dad. Share these sweet Fathers Day Greetings and pictures to wish your Father all happiness of the world! 

Best Fathers Day Quotes for Cards

Writing perfect words to express your innermost feelings and dedication for someone can be a tough task. Find the quotes you can use to beautify your Fathers Day Cards:

fathers day 2016 greetings

Making a happy family is not an easy job! But you have done it so wonderfully! Happy Fathers Day to my dearest dad!

happy fathers day greetings

Fatherhood is the greatest privilege and honour! Happy Fathers Day 2016!

Love begins in life with Fathers and ends there, coz no other love is greater than his! Fathers Day Greetings with love!

Being Father is like a doing a miracle! You have to be an angel, a perfect caretaker, home maker, best teacher and best friend!

As your daughter, I grew up watching you as my dad and my leader! Still I wonder how you became my best friend now! Lots of prayers for you with lovely Fathers Day Greetings!
happy fathers day 2016 greetings

Fathers have a special way of saying I Love You! If she is not doing anything, she is praying for them!

We pray this day gives you all happiness and smiles in return that you have given all your life to others!

There is nothing sure in this world except Fathers love!
Would you like to get more greetings for your father? Get the best collection of a hppy father's day greetings 2016 and make your father's day a special one.

Happy Fathers Day Greetings to Wish your Dad

Here continues our Fathers Day Greetings. Pick the one that express your feelings for your dad at best:

happy fathers day greeting

I cannot reward you for what you have given me dad! But I can try it by being a wonderful dad like you for my children!
Your love is like a refreshing spring, fills our hearts and minds with joy every day! Lots of love and sweet memories on this Day!

Dear God, bless all Fathers today and make their life filled with laughter and happiness!

Father doesn’t know to be happy when her child is not smiling!

Living through someone else’s life is a magic that only you can do dad! Lots of love on your special day!

Thank for you for making my life a heaven! Your love is my inspiration forever!

Fathers never lectures and teach values. Their love and understanding brings all the values that a gentle human being needs!

I know you have always understood my feelings without saying a word! But I feel like screaming today, “I Love you dad and You are the Best.”

A simple wish straight from my heart, comes just to say I Love You Dad!

Love has no language! It starts its journey as a child looks into Fathers eyes for the first time!

No matter you are with your Dad or far away from him! Greetings and beautiful messages are best ways to wish him on this special day! As International Fathers Day falls on 9th of June 2016, we have placed here awesome messages and Fathers Day Greetings to wish him with the most appreciating words! Make him as happy as you can with your greeting cards and touching quotes to honour him. Relations are jewels of our life and they stay close to our heart forever! Celebrate this most beautiful relation by using our exhausting collection of Fathers day greetings, poems and pictures. Wishing all our visitors a Happiest Fathers Day 2016!

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50+ Father's Day Quotes: Best Happy Father's Day 2016 Quotes

Happy father's day quotes collection

Find a beautiful bunch of happy fathers day quotes and sayings! The Fathers Day 2016 will arrive very soon! We have published here the best quotes to wish and praise your Father on this day. Our Dad is silently influencing our lives and our actions at each and every moment. We trust him the most. He remains our ideal person for our life. Fathers Day brings a chance to tell him how much we love and adore him. Pay respect to your relation with your Dad with best quotes and wishes on Fathers Day 2016! The post also carries beautiful and inspiring Fathers Day Images and pics. The quotes are short and best to share with your Dad on social media too. We have already have a huge collection of mother's day quotes and sayings. Father has an equally important role in our life. He is said to be a first love of daughter and first friend of a son. How can we miss him wishing a happy father's day quotes 2016?

The Fathers Day 2016 falls on 19th of June 2016, Sunday. The day is celebrated in most of the parts of the world on every third Sunday of June month. The day will be honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds. However, the day is also celebrated on different days in some countries. Most of the countries including U.S, UK, India, Japan, China, Korea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Ukraine celebrate it on the third Sunday of June. Hence, the day is known as International Fathers Day. Find here some best Fathers Day Quotes and Fathers Day Wishes!

father's day quotes

Remarkable Dad Quotes to Wish your Dad 

Here are some best father's day quotes. Make them your Happy Fathers Day Quotes to make your Dad the happiest father on this day! Do not forget to wish your father a happy father's day quotes and sayings. All the collection of quotes can be shared on social media platform. To make the things easier for you, we even have provided some stunning quotes images that you can share on your Facebook wall.

Behind every independent woman, there is a Dad who trusted her and not the society. 

No rock is as strong as a protection that a Father gives to his child. 

Waiting for my Dad every evening is the sweetest memory of my childhood! 

A Man never stands as tall as when he kneels down to lift his baby up! 

Dad is someone whose thoughts, attitudes, personality and ways of doing things follow you secretly!
fathers day quotes 2016

Dear all Dads, you are the son’s first hero and every daughter’s first love! 

I believe in Heroes, coz I have a Dad who is very special to me! 

A father is a guiding light-house who shows us way in the darkest hours of life! 

A Dad keeps himself stern. Just to turn very soft to render the best moments in our lives. 
 Hopefully, you have liked the above collection of hand crafted father's day quotes and wishes. Wait!!! we're not done yet. There are few more adorable quotes for happy father's day 2016. Following are some of the best fathers day 2016 quotes that will bring a smile on your dad's face.

Most Adorable Fathers Day Quotes and Sayings

Here continues the most adorable Dad Quotes for sons and daughters. Wish your Father with best lines written just to pay honour to him.
I know Dad every time you opened your wallet, you loved to look at our pic. 

happy fathers day quotes 2016

happy fathers day quotes

quotes for fathers day
Father makes you stand stronger when you are weak, he puts complete faith in you even when you fail. 

Dad is a one man for the world; but he is a world to his kids. 

Dad I know you always wanted to pick me up a soon as I fell down. But you watched me getting up and walking again with a strong heart. 

A Father is always encouraging; guiding and watching your dreams through his eyes. 

The greatest gift a Dad ever gives to his children is a confidence, trust and faith. 

When you grow up and leave your home to make your own career and life, you will understand your father’s greatness. 

The only moment when a Father feels weak, is when he is walking her daughter down the aisle. 

He is a man who is standing silently but firmly like a giant rock, to protect his families against all hardships and pains. 

A Father’s place in a family is sublime and we adore him and love him a lot. He is a kingly figure for his kids. As the Fathers Day will arrive, all sons and daughters will be looking for best lines to wish him. The Happy Fathers Day Quotes collection shared here is best to wish Dad on Fathers Day. The simple and cute one-liners are best to share through Whatsapp status, Facebook status messages. You can also write these Dad Quotes in your Fathers Day Cards. We have also added here some beautiful Fathers Day Images to send as a greeting card through email. Dedicate the day to respect your Father and all hardships he has gone through for the family. Do share these Fathers Day messages and pics with your sibling and friends too. Wishing all our visitors a loving and Happy Fathers Day 2016!
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